About Us


MBGON…beauty meets innovation!

MBGON is the first ever completely online beauty pageant in Nigeria. All the stages of the contest, from auditions to selections to voting are done online.  Most Beautiful Girl Online, Nigeria is the brainchild of Next Pagers Limited. It was conceived as a platform to celebrate the millions of beautiful Nigerian women who have notable presence and influence on social media.

Instead of having to travel to and from cities for auditions to get a chance to be crowned a beauty queen, we have bridged the gap between you and the limelight. You can now prove to the world from the comfort of your mobile phone that you have what it takes to be crowned ‘Most Beautiful Girl Online, Nigeria.

A MBGON winner would be crowned every year and would serve in this capacity until the next queen is birthed.

Who is qualified to Contest?

Every Nigerian girl between the ages of 18-35years with a minimum qualification of SSCE can enter for the competition. However since this is an online competition, the contestant must be registered on all of three commonest social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Details of the stages of the pageant are reserved for the contestants.

MBGON - Most Beautiful Girl Online, Nigeria